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* '''Popular Markets'''
* '''Popular Markets'''
* [https://www.igamingwiki.com/wiki/Special:AllPages View All Pages]
== Getting started ==
== Getting started ==

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iGamingWiki is an all in one resource to find the most basic information on affiliate programs, and their respective casino brands. Many affiliate programs fail to list their most popular geographic markets, focusing only on restricted countries, often buried in the ToS. Other programs fail to list their minimum age (18/21) and some even software and licensing information. This can leave affiliates confused or overwhelmed, often leading to inaccurate, or outdated information. This is especially true when an affiliate is dealing with multiple programs and trying to keep up with both political and industry wide climate changes.

This site intends to make things simple, listing only the most basic, yet essential information for each affiliate program and their casino brands. We have chosen to compile this information in a wiki for easy access available anyone seeking this information. The wiki also allows for quick and hassle free updates by the affiliate programs, and community members themselves.

Listed information includes;

  • Affiliate Program Name
  • AGD Status
  • Program Brands
  • Software
  • Licensing
  • Minimum Age
  • Popular Markets


Getting started